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The Two Types of Handwriting Analysis Explained.

Posted on March 20, 2013 at 10:38 AM
Many people do not realize that there are two types of handwriting analysis. Although both types of handwriting analysis work with handwriting they are completely different in their purpose and methodologies.

One type is Forensic Handwriting Analysis which is used to determine the authenticity of a signature or some other questioned handwritten document, note, page or graffiti. This type of handwriting analysis is typically referred to as Questioned Document examination or Handwriting Authentication handwriting analysis.
The Second type of handwriting analysis is Graphoanalysis or graphology.  This type of handwriting analysis is used to determine the character and personality of the writer. This type of handwriting analysis is often used in business as a tool to help in the selection of employees, as well as a tool for counselors to gain early insight into their client's problem.  Many individuals have their handwriting analyzed to better know and understand themselves. 
Although both types of handwriting analysts work with handwriting they are completely different in their purpose and methodologies. The forensic document or handwriting expert is concerned only with the physical characteristics of a handwriting.  They exam handwriting  to find similarities or dissimilarities in the writing strokes, shapes, formations, connections, spacing, and many other peculiarities of the handwriting.  They work with a variety of scientific instruments including stereo microscopes, magnifiers, scientific gauges and other tools to determine if the signature or writing is or is not that of a particular writer.  In some cases they are called in to testify to their opinion and visually demonstrate the reasoning behind their determination. Their purpose if to find the truth of authorship of the writing for the court, not to aid one side or the other in their case.
The graphologist examines handwriting to determine the personality of the writer.  The questioned document examiner examines the handwriting to determine, Who Wrote It?   The graphologist examines the handwriting to determine Who Is The Writer?

I welcome your questions and requests for more information about the two types of handwriting analysis.

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