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Posted on March 3, 2014 at 5:56 PM Comments comments (28)
Many of you are aware that more and more people are printing today rather than writing in cursive.  I am often asked what handwriting analysis reveals about the personality of printers.

Printing fits very well with our high tech world and is reflective of the culture we live in. The models and styles of handwriting have changed over the decades and handwriting from the time periods reflect our cultural changes.For example,look at  handwriting from Victorian times with it's ornateness and compare it with today's almost stick like hand printing. It is easy to see a huge difference.

People who print and prefer to print are preoccupied with the accurate communication of facts unaltered by imagination.  They are visual learners and are often artistic.  They prefer to get straight to the point when speaking and acting and want the same response in return.
Printer's usually are highly efficient.  They will not waste time or resources and will seek the quickest method to achieve results. They like simplicity and often have good taste.

Printer's can find it difficult to bond with others as they prefer to leave their feelings out when communicating. They like to have control over situations and over their environment. They enjoy working independently.

Printing in all caps reveals the person who does not want others to know who they really are.  Many anonymous notes are printed.

How does this fit with the printers you know?  Are you a printer?