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What does it indicate about personality when a person always prints when asked to write

Posted on June 13, 2014 at 11:12 AM Comments comments (24)
 This is a question I often get when talking to people about handwriting analysis.

How does the personality of a person who always prints differ from the personality of a person who writes in cursive? 

Every personality is unique, no one aspect of the writing stands alone.

People who print and prefer to print are preoccupied with the accurate communication of facts unaltered by imagination.  They have learned to leave their feelings out of their communication. They generally are not comfortable discussing their personal feelings. It can be difficult to get to know the printer well. Many anonymous notes are printed, often all in caps. Printers like to have control and they can have a difficult time bonding with others.  This does not mean that they do not have feelings or don't bond with others just that it is not their strong suit so to speak.  They are more comfortable with facts than with feelings.  They are highly visual.  Many artists print as do technical writer's, accountants, nurses and other professionals whose work requires a high degree of accuracy.

You can see how printing fits in well with technological devices such as smart, phones, tablets, and computers of all types. The stead y increase in printers over they last fee decades may even be a result of these devices. It would make for an interesting research study.


Print Writers and The High Tech World

Posted on March 19, 2014 at 10:09 AM Comments comments (31)
More people are writing in print script everyday. How does this fit with communication in a high tech world?

People who print and prefer to print are preoccupied with the accurate communication of facts unaltered by imagination. Printers are visual learners, and they constantly strive for efficiency. They like speed in performance. They are direct in their communication, they do not beat around the bush, and they expect the same approach in return.

Printers prefer simplicity in their lifestyle.  They often are artistic and intuitive.They do not mind working alone on projects.   It is important to printers to have control  and they tend to leave their emotions out of situations.  For these reasons it can be difficult to get to know them. In fact people who print all in caps do not want others to know who they are.  Many anonymous notes are printed in all caps.

Handwriting is shaped by the era in which one grows up. Today we live in a stripped down, fast moving world. Our styles of handwriting have changed over the decades and handwriting from the time periods reflects our cultural changes.
Tamara Plakins Thornton has written a book, Handwriting in America /A Cultural  History,published by Yale University.  Her book is an excellent review of the history of handwriting and the cultures in which each style was written. As an extreme contrast, it is interesting to compare the ornate handwriting from Victorian times with the increase in print script in these high tech times. You can literally see the changes.