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Do You Really Know Who You Are Hiring?

Posted on July 3, 2013 at 12:35 PM Comments comments (59)
If you are a small business owner you know that every time  lose an employee your company productivity goes down and morale goes down plus you have the frustrating job of placing a new ad and interviewing and checking backgrounds.  Certainly not how you want or need to spend your time.  You can avoid this costly, time consuming and disruptive situation by using personality testing through handwriting analysis. It is estimated that a hiring mistake costs a company $8,000 or more depending on the level of the job position. The good news is many people are underemployed or unemployed so  you have the fortunate opportunity of choosing the cream of the crop from many great job applicants. However, you also have the overwhelming task of sorting through all those applicants, deciding who to interview, checking references and conducting required background checks to protect the safety of the public and your other employees.To make your job more difficult, resumes may exaggerate credentials and background checks reveal only those whose illegal acts have been caught breaking the law. Even references from past employers can sometimes be unreliable. The real challenge when you are interviewing is to get behind the candidates interview personality. Those who are the most impressive during the interview are not always who they seem to be.  You may have had the experience of discovering that the person you hired is very different from the person who shows up on the job.  For example, the person you interviewed was pleasant and unassuming and eager to work on a team.  The person who shows up on the job is loud and arrogant and wants to do things his way, and thinks the rules do not apply to him. Definitely not the team player you thought you were hiring and really need for your projects.  For these reasons and many more, most companies do some type of assessment testing to find a candidate who is most likely to succeed in the job, fit in with the company culture, and hopefully become a highly productive and long term employee. One of the best personality tools available today is Graphoanalysis, handwriting analysis. This method is cost effective, easy to administer and highly accurate and its effectiveness is measurable over time.
It is estimated that a hiring mistake costs a company $8,000 or more depending on the level of the job position.  Whats more a bad hiring decision occasionally becomes a major public relations and legal problem for the company. If you are a small business owner you know you have even more to lose. An investment in personality assessment  is well worth the cost especially considering whats at stake if your new hire becomes a liability instead of an asset. If you would like to learn more about using handwriting analysis as a tool to help you hire, train and motivate your employees please email me @[email protected] or contact me through this blog.