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Signatures What Your Signature Says About you

Posted on May 19, 2013 at 7:14 AM Comments comments (52)

Signatures are rather like a person's trademark.  In fact in some cases signatures such as WK Kellogg, Jim Beam and Walt Disney they are the company trademark.
Signatures indicate what the person wants to show the world about themselves.  They can be highly revealing. Signatures should be legible.  Illegible signatures indicate that the writer does not care to communicate who they are. Occasionally a person will write with only a long line or scribbles thinking that this will make it very hard for anyone to forge their signature.  However, scribbled signatures are easier to forge as they have few specifics to  identify.  Another reason why your signature should be legible.
  When looking at a signature notice the size of the capital letters on the first and last names. 
The first name relates to the individuals personal self.  The last name relates to the family or social self.   If the capital on the first name is larger than the capital on the last name it means that the individual wants emphasis on his or her self personally. For example. Jim Smith want to be known as Jim.  He is proud of being Jim.  If the capital is larger on the last name,  it says the person wants to be known by his or her family name.  So what would you say it may mean if a married woman writes her first name capital much larger than her married name capital? Or if a person runs a line over or crosses out  their last name?
When a person crosses out their name it indicates dissatisfaction with who they are or a desire remake the self.  It is not a happy sign.